Canned Vegetable

Artichoke Heart -Figaro 2.50kg - LimSiangHuatArtichoke Heart -Figaro 2.50kg - LimSiangHuat
Artichoke Heart -Figaro 6x390g - LimSiangHuatArtichoke Heart -Figaro 6x390g - LimSiangHuat
Bamboo Shoots -Mili 24x567gm - LimSiangHuatBamboo Shoots -Mili 24x567gm - LimSiangHuat
Heart Of Palm -Tabana 12x800gm - LimSiangHuatHeart Of Palm -Tabana 12x800gm - LimSiangHuat
Knorr Potato Flakes 2kg - LimSiangHuatKnorr Potato Flakes 2kg - LimSiangHuat
Red Pimentos -Figaro 12x400g - LimSiangHuatRed Pimentos -Figaro 12x400g - LimSiangHuat
Sauerkraut S&W 12x411g - LimSiangHuatSauerkraut S&W 12x411g - LimSiangHuat

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