Curly Fries with Salted Egg Dip

Salted Egg Yolk Seafood Pizza


For 1 persons

Pre-mix Salted egg Paste

Planta Margarine 2.75kg10g 
Knorr Golden Salted Egg Powder 800g10g 
Knorr Chicken Seasoning Powder 2.25kg2g

Salted Egg Sauce

Planta Margarine 2.75kg 4g
Curry Leaf0.80g
Chilli Padi, sliced0.20g
Pre-mix Salted Egg Paste10g
Evaporated Milk15g
Twister Fries, fried60g


Pre-mix Salted egg Paste

  • Place all your ingredients into a mixing bowl, and mix well (until ready to use).

Salted Egg Sauce

  • Melt margarine in sauce pot, stir fry curry leaves and chili padi until fragrant.
  • Add in pre-mixed salted egg paste, stir-fry in low heat until foamy.
  • Pour in evaporated milk and keep stirring until smooth.
  • Ready to use.

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Knorr Golden Salted Egg Powder (6x800g)

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