Chilli Liquid Seasoning - Knorr 6x448g CN

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Balanced spicy and umami, delivering great spicy taste in wide application.

High quality fresh chili, soy bean and wheat with unique formula

Applicable for both hot and cold dish (冷热烹饪方式皆宜)​
Fresh chili flavor(新鲜辣椒的风味)

Perfectly balanced complex flavor of fresh chilli and umami taste (新鲜的辣味和鲜味完美平衡的复合风味)​
Multi layer chili taste, release flavor gradually (多重辣味,层层释放)​
Water base formula, quick release chili taste(水溶性配方,迅速释放辣味)​



Loose: 448g

Carton: 6 x 448g

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