LSH Rewards FAQ

How do I participate?
How can i earn points?
What can I redeem my points for?
How do I check my points balance?
How long will it take for points to post to my account?
What is the validity period of points issued?
When does the coupon code expire?
Can i share the coupon codes to other accounts?
What happen if my points have expired?
Does it cost anything to begin earning points?
How can I redeem my points?
Can I cancel redemption?
What happens to my points if I make a return?
What should I do if I have problem redeeming my points using your system?
I'm very close to earning a reward. Can I buy extra points to get there?
Due to some reason, I make order via phone call,whatsapp etc instead of online order. Can I earn the points?
Can I use redemption discount code together with other promotion, discount?
How can I receive redemption products?
What are the Terms and Conditions of reward points?