Anchor Culinary Cream 12x1L

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Anchor Food Professionals Culinary Cream is specially formulated to both hold high temperatures and remain stable, even in acidic or spicy recipes. It is the ideal ingredient for all cook, chill and reheat dishes. It is incredibly versatile where it can be poured into beverages, whipped to decorate cakes and desserts and perfect for making sauces ahead of time that won't split or curdle upon reheating.

Anchor Culinary Cream is a UHT product. For best results:

  • Store between 2-4°C after manufacture. Keep chilled between +2°C and +4°C for distrtibution and sale.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Use strictly in rotation.

Carton : 12 Packs

Loose : 1L/Pack

Country of Origin

New Zealand

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